Saba Hakimi's work encompasses the challenges of being a woman, particularly gender discrimination.  Her pieces are personal and address the worries, fears, hopes and dreams of women.  She is very interested in politics and the effects they have on societies.  As such, a number of Hakimi's works have political and sociological themes, her contribution to combating a problem or horror that is happening in the world.  She, too, makes art pieces about caring and compassion, the nature of being a human being and life itself.

Hakimi was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1983.  She received a certificate in Interior Architecture from Tehran Information College and had the opportunity to apprentice under three well-known Iranian artists (Mansour Tabibzadeh, Mitra Ahamedi Aavaaz and Seroj Barseghian), working with various mediums such as wood, ceramics, clay and plaster.

Hakimi moved to America in 2011 and is a UCLA graduate (Fine Arts B.A.) currently living and working in Los Angeles.